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About Us-MyCaribbeanScoop.com provides positive stories about inspiring people from across the Caribbean

Mycaribbeanscoop.com pushes the envelop on Caribbean storytelling through words, images, sounds, and culture from across the region. It is the core of how we convey the emotional power of a unique story, a unique individual and what sets us apart.

MyCaribbeanScoop About Us

We share stories about ordinary Caribbean people doing extraordinary things. Our stories capture the unique nature of the Caribbean and its people.

There is a rich history of storytelling in this region, from the original people who were here before the Europeans came, slaves who journeyed thousands of miles from the shores of Africa, immigrants from India and China, all reflects the unique nature of the art of the Caribbean.

The region is home to various groups – Asians, Amerindians, Africans and Europeans – but unfortunately most stories fail to show the complexity of the notion of identity in the region.