At Age 5, Grace Left Antigua for the UK, Today She Stands Tall at Bonbon Cafe

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Grace from Bonbon Cafe- Greenwiich Market London

Last week while visiting London, I made the trip to the famous Greenwich market. There I met Grace, the owner of BonBon Café and her jams quickly caught my eye.

Grace from Bonbon Cafe- Greenwich Market London
Grace from Bonbon Cafe- Greenwich Market London

When she spoke, I heard a Caribbean accent, not distinct but slightly noticeable. After asking about her jams and purchasing a jar, I decided to move on to the other stalls.

But I had a few questions that I wanted to ask Grace. Where was she from? Was she from the Caribbean? After a brief stop at the other stalls, I decided to return to Grace’s stall. I asked her politely if she was originally from the Caribbean. Well, it turns out that Grace is from St John’s Antigua and came to the UK at the age of 5.

I wanted to probe further. I wanted ask her a few questions, what was her experience like when she just arrive in the UK? Did she face racism? Are there relatives back home in Antigua?  But I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable and so I simply asked if I could take a picture, which she gladly obliged

You can check out Bonbon Cafe at their official tumblr page

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