Husband and Wife Filmmakers From Antigua and Barbuda-Amazing!

Jun 5, 2017
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For a number of years, this film making couple/powerhouse from Antigua, have been consistently producing some of the Caribbean’s best films.

Mitzi and Howard Allen

About Howard Allen
Howard Allen is a film and television director/producer and the founder of HAMA Productions. While his career in television spans more than 30 years, he made his feature film directorial debut in 2001 with the release of The Sweetest Mango a romantic comedy based on how he and his wife met and fell in love.

About Mitzi Allen
Mitzi Allen is an award-winning broadcast journalist and film and television producer.  She is the managing director of HAMA Inc. and has produced four feature films, four television series and countless documentaries. Her career began as a broadcast journalist for CFTO TV (CTV Canada) as a reporter and continued in Antigua with various media organizations before she joined her husband Howard Allen as co-owner of HAMA Productions, an independent film and television production company founded in 1992.

Their first film, The Sweetest Mango, is the first feature film to come out of the Eastern Caribbean and was a box-office favorite in Antigua, beating out the Titanic. Since then, they’ve gone on to make Diablesse, No Seed, and their latest feature, The Skin. In this chat, they give us the story behind their successful union, film making in the Caribbean and much more. Join us.

In “Beyond the Camera” interview series, the couple share their stories and the importance of storytelling through film, in the Caribbean and the diaspora.

The Making of The Sweeting Mango in Antigua

About Hama Films

As independent producers HAMA sees the evolution of HAMA TV as a way to showcase its work and that of other independent film and television producers from around the world with a special focus on those from the Caribbean Diaspora.

HAMA TV is “Alternative Television” with programming that centers around art and culture. The programming is made up of both locally produced and acquired programs from small independent distributors. In order to maintain its uniqueness, programs shown on HAMA TV fall into two categories exclusive to the channel, whereby it can only be seen on HAMA TV or in limited distribution, which means it is highly unlikely that the program is available on mainstream cable or television stations.

The flagship program for HAMA TV is Paradise View a drama series produced by HAMA Productions. It is shown every Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. HAMA TV is available only on cable on Karib Cable Channel 78 in Antigua & Barbuda.

For programming information e-mail

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