Meet Hilson Joseph The Flagman of Antigua

Mar 31, 2014
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Hilson Joseph is an ordinary Antiguan who obviously loves his country and at the Queen’s Baton Relay held recently in Antigua, he was without a doubt a standout.  As Flagman of Antigua, Hilson completed 12 grueling hours of the relay leg, running/jogging through the capital city of St John and the winding roads of Antigua.While many Antigua participated in the Queen’s Baton Relay, only one person caught the grab the attention of spectators. Hilson Joseph, carpenter by day and dedicated Antiguan.

His commitment to the event was remarkable. Hilson was well prepared, dressing in a colourful outfit and holding a large Antigua and Barbuda flag. He recognized the importance of the event and made sure that he represented his country well.

In an interview with BBC, when asked why he got involved he said “It’s love – I love to show my county to the world, this beautiful flag here. We are beautiful people, we want everyone to share our lovely beaches and sunshine.”

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