A Peek Into The Bahamas “YOUR PAPERS PLEASE” New Immigration Policy in Operation

Nov 12, 2014
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A new policy aimed at curbing illegal immigration in the Bahamas went into effect in November. This new policy has received significant attention especially from the Haitian community in Miami with even some local Florida politicians calling for Americans to boycott Bahamas as a tourist destination.

Many Bahamians are supporting the new immigration policy as they see this as the only way to stem the tide of illegal immigrants to Bahamas. On the other hand, Bahamians particular of Haitian descents view this new policy as an unfair targeting of Haitians. No matter how you view this new immigration policy, the issue is complicated and emotional for many.

I want to share a series of videos from Bahamianview.com which provides a peek into Bahamian immigration officials “Your Papers Please” operations.

[youlist vid=”PlevFmftcaI,UhBMzW-areM, uWiXQvfvSGw, NhYvbFlG4LQ, tO-Wa0XjEOM, DeJZi7Bb6QQ”]

You can see more at Bahamianview.com Youtube Channel

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