Bahamas Crime Solution ‘Men Decide to Be Fathers and Children Are Raised The Right Way”

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The recent spate of murders and the increasing crime rate have once again resulted in the call for the enforcement of the death penalty in the Bahamas. But while legally the capital punishment is still the law of the land, the last execution was over 10 years ago and that took place on January 6, 2000.

elsworthBut Elsworth Johnson, President of the Bahamas Bar Association disagree with those who want to see the return of the death penalty. Speaking to NB12 News on Monday he said, “there is a false illusion that if persons are put to death that it will resolve our social issues”, he went on further to state that most of the crime committed in the Bahamas do not attract the death penalty

Mr Johnson said there are many social issues that contribute to crime and simply building more prisons,  adding more police officers or even enforcing the death penalty are just quick fixes but what’s required are long term solution. He thinks that when “Men Decide to Be Fathers and Children Are Raised The Right Way” , then Bahamas will begin to see declines in the crime rate.

Watch the full interview with Mr Elsworth Johnson.
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