Bahamian NBA Draft Pick, Buddy Hield Plans To Buy His Mother A New House. Awesome

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Bahamian Buddy Hield was just drafted No. 6 overall by the New Orleans Pelicans. This means that Buddy will be an instant millionaire.

Hield’s NBA status is a long way from from growing up in the community of Eight Mile Rock in Freeport Bahamas. Most would say this fame and fortune might be difficult to handle for a young man coming from a small island but if you have been following Hield’s life journey, you would know that this young man has a strong foundation.

So when asked what he would do with his money, Hield’s gave two answers-his church and buying his mother a new house.

If there is any reason to doubt Hield’s love and appreciation for his mother, in a past interview he was asked to name some life lessons that his mother taught him. He said,

“Some of the life lessons that my mom has taught me is that the road is not for the fastest or the swiftest, but it’s for those who enjoy it to the end. Just telling you that life is not pure grace. It’s like a marathon. You can get out the struggle, and I feel like you’ll be able to make it in life.”

For those who told Hield when he was 11 that he was just dreaming when he told them he would play in the NBA-just look at him now. This is a dream come true for a young Bahamian boy who believed that the sky is the limit.

Here is the moment when Buddy selection as the No. 6 draft pick for the New Orleans Pelicans was announced.

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