No Bahamian Doubts That The Control of Illegal Immigration is About SURVIVAL, IDENTITY and SECURITY, Do You Agree?

Nov 5, 2014
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“No Bahamian doubts that the control of illegal immigration is central to our survivability as a country, central to our national identity and central to our national security,”

These comments were made by Bahamas Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell in October at the United Nations General Assembly. He was speaking on the issue of illegal immigration.

Watch Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell Speech
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The comments on the our Facebook page in response to the article “These Children Are Being Deported Despite Being Born in The Bahamas-Video” highlight the complexity of this issue. It seems many of the comments echoed the words, SURVIVAL, IDENTITY AND SECURITY of the nation of Bahamas. Many Bahamians who wanted to engage in a more open discussion, expressed the view that their loyalty was to Bahamas and not to any other country.

Depending on where you are from (not sure how one defines that), the views on illegal immigration in Bahamas are so diverse. Getting a handful of people to agree on a solution to illegal immigration is almost impossible. But often times we forget that a story has two or more sides and that Caribbean people share similar stories, similar history. If we are open to resolving some of the issues that we have between us, it is important that we look at all sides before we rush to judgement.

We thank you all for engaging in this democratic process of discussion and hope that we help to unite instead of divide.

For those who said that the video we included in the related article did not reflect the entire operation by Bahamian immigration officials, we have included the video posted by NB12 News
[youlist vid=”QiD3jK7EkqY#t=71″ showinfo=”0″]

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