No Matter How You Feel About The Late Bahamian Evangelist Dr Myles Munroe, His Son’s Tribute Earlier This Year-PRICELESS

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On November 9th 2014, Bahamian Evangelist Dr Myles Munroe, his wife and 7 other lives were lost in a private plane crash in Grand Bahama.

Many Bahamians and people across the world expressed their sympathies but there were also people who were unsympathetic especially towards the death of Dr. Myles Munroe.

I never really think about death but I know l will die someday and some people will say good things about me while others will say bad things. The same can be said about Dr Myles Munroe.

“But it may not even matter much what others will say about you, except your children”

I can’t speak for Dr Myles Munroe or his son (I have never met them or any member of the Munroe family personally). But I think Chario Munroe’s 60th birthday tribute to his father a few months ago  maybe the best tribute given to Dr Myles Munroe.

Dr. Myles Munroe’s 60th Birthday Tribute- Chario Munroe (Son)

In his tribute Chario spoke about what his dad taught him. Although this was a celebration of a birthday, it perhaps reflects the legacy that any father would wish to leave for their son.

I think the most important gift we can give our children is not a tangible item, but a piece of ourselves.

RIP Dr Myles Munroe

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