Some Said He Was Crazy Others Thought He Was A Fool But This Young Bahamian Never Gave Up On His Dream

Jul 3, 2014
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Charles Rose Bahamas

Meet Bahamian Charles Rose who recently graduated from the University of North Carolina (UNCC) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in civil engineering. But his journey from Bahamas to North Carolina could have ended long before his graduation.

When he decided that he wanted to study in the United States, some people thought he was crazy or a fool. How could he have such high ambitions when there were no funds to support such a move?

In his commencement address, Charles Rose said;

If people call us crazy, and if being crazy leads us to being successfull, then yes we are crazy

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Many of us have given up on our dreams. Charles Rose journey is a story of strong family values, self confidence and faith, three ingredients to overcome any obstacles and challenges.

In an interview conducted by UNCC, Charles Rose said;

“You have to remember, in the Bahamas everyone always waits until the last moment. The day I left, I was at the airport and Mrs. Rolle gave me a book about having faith in the Lord and then things will work out. As I was getting ready to board the flight, I was called back to the ticket counter. They had an envelope for me and I could see it had a check in it. I thought ‘at last this is it.’ The check was for $1,000, and I appreciated it, but I was still short a lot of money.”

Charles Rose story is a lesson for all of us in the Caribbean and it reminds me of the following quote;

“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak” ~ Thomas Carlyle

I hope this will push us to never give up on our dreams. Well Done Charles Rose Jr !

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