These Bonehead Drivers in Barbados Are As Dangerous As Drunk Drivers

Apr 13, 2014
1 min read
Bad Drivers in Barbados

For those who drive, do you get angry when you see bad driving? People “cutting you off”,  overtaking and speeding? If you are in Barbados, you may have come across a few Bonehead drivers (we define a bonehead as a person who makes stupid decisions such as overtaking or turning without signals or even causing a christian to momentarily sin by uttering a few swear words).

Dangerous driving is more or less the same as drunk driving. Both types of driving are the leading cause of death and accidents on the road. You might be surprise to know that the fatality rate for accidents in Barbados is 240% higher than UK.
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It is everyone’s responsibility to do something about bad driving. If you are a Bonehead Driver, it is not too late to change your ways. If you know someone who is a Bonehead Driver, then maybe you could explain the consequence of bad driving such as causing the loss of an innocent life.

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