In October 2013 the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that Jamaican Shanique Myrie should be awarded a total of Bds$75,000. The ruling was as a result of a case brought against the Barbadian government. Shanique Myrie claimed that on a visit to Barbados in 2011, she was subjected to internal body search in filthy conditions and treated in a demeaning manner before being detained and deported the next day to Jamaica.

However, Shanique Myrie has not collected a dollar of the award. The case went through several proceedings with the Barbados Government denying Shanique’s claims in all the hearings.  The Barbados Government argued that Shanique Myrie lied to immigration department officials.

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According to an interview conducted by the Jamaican Observer newspaper, Myrie’s lawyer Michelle Brown said “These things take time, especially with governments. However, we are working on the issue of payment,”

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