Caribbean People Fall in Love and Get Married Too Just Watch These Bajan Couples

Apr 18, 2014
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Forever I Do Contestants

We see so many stories about single women and uncommitted men in the Caribbean that most of us believe that marriage and falling in love is a dream for couples in the Caribbean.

In the video below, Damien and Vanessa, one of the five couples in the Barbados Forever I Do Wedding competition, talks lovingly about their relationship and their future plans.
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The Forever I Do wedding competition is coordinated by Barbados Nation Newspaper. The competition is open to couples living in Barbados. The wining couple receives a dream wedding and honeymoon. This completion has been held annually since 2001.

Well we know some people might dismiss this as simply acting for the camera but to date, all of the winning couples are still married.

Maybe next time you see a Caribbean couple holding hands or staring into each other’s eyes, the first thing that comes to your mind will be “wow they must be in love”. Rather than thinking that maybe they are having an affair or the man simply looking for a quickie.

Meet The Other Contestants

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