A 40 Minute Documentary Exploring the Secrets of The Caribbean

A 40 Minute Documentary Exploring the Secrets of The Caribbean 1

Trinidadian-born journalist Trevor McDonald travels 2000 miles across the Caribbean experiencing the incredible extremes that make this region unique.

From the private island of a billionaire to communist Cuba, rare sightings of giant turtles in Grenada to violent volcanic eruptions in Montserrat, this is a rich and beautiful voyage of discovery.

Who is Trevor McDonald?

Trevor McDonald was born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, on August 16, 1939. McDonald has a black mother and an Indian father.

After working in Trinidad as a print and broadcast journalist during the 1960s, in 1969, McDonald started working for BBC as a producer, based in London, but still was broadcasting to the Caribbean.

In 1973, he started working as a general reporter for ITN News and Entertainment before becoming a sports correspondent and eventually focusing on international politics. In the 1980s, he was broadcasting from the United Kingdom with the ITN programme Channel 4 News.

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