5 Stories of Caribbean People Helping Others That Makes You Feel Better About The World

Aug 31, 2017
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Despite the negativity that seems normal across the Caribbean, there are wonderful stories of Caribbean people who have gone out of they way to help someone else.

These 5 stories are great example of the true Caribbean spirit that still resides in all of us across the Caribbean, from island to island and across the continents.

1. 26 year old Daryl Franklyn from St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Daryl is extremely passionate about helping people

From a very young age been interested in speaking up for those who have been disenfranchised, misinterpreted, excluded, discriminated against, or silenced. Unfortunately, mentally disabled patients are oftentimes overlooked in our society and that is something Daryl would like to see addressed in an attempt to end the revolving-door-effect of patient care for these individuals.


2.These St Lucians Came Together To Help Save A Young Man’s Life

A young man in dire need of medical attention is one step closer to obtaining lifesaving surgery, thanks to the charity of Saint Lucians in the diaspora.


3.This Young Lady Was Overcome With Joy After She was Rewarded with Praise and A Promotion

(Source: Trinidad Express)-On Sunday, someone took photographs of her as she was helping a disabled man in a wheel chair outside the supermarket where she works packing bags. By Tuesday, she was at City Hall, San Fernando, being recognized for the kind deed. And by Wednesday, she was being promoted from the position of packer at the JTA Supermarket, Cross Crossing, San Fernando. [Original Story]


4.Couple asking for donations for Jamaican school instead of wedding gifts

(CBC Canada)-A Nova Scotia couple planning a destination wedding is forgoing wedding gifts and asking guests to bring donations of books, colouring supplies and candy for students at a small school in Jamaica.

Shayla Loppie and Nathan Simon said they want to give back to a country they love—they’ve visited Jamaica three times already—and to teach their five-year-old son how blessed they are to live in Canada.

“We have good healthcare, free education and our kids can play sports. There is just so many things we are blessed with,” says Loppie, who lives in Dartmouth.

They brought up the idea with Sharon Loppie, Shayla’s mother, who helped them to find a school, which wasn’t easy.

“It was time-consuming,” Sharon said.

She contacted the travel company planning the trip’s excursions, Real Tours Jamaica. The office then contacted Jamaica’s ministry of education which suggested Prickley Pole Primary School on Jamaica’s north coast. Sharon then got in touch with the school’s principal to learn about how to help. She learned that the school is in need of stationery, toiletries and eating utensils, so the Canadian couple decided to raise money via Go Fund Me. [Original Story]


5.Grand Rapids family moving back to Haiti to help orphans

(WoodTV)-“Most Haitians don’t go back to Haiti after they leave the country for a better life,” said Jona Lazarre.

But that’s exactly what she, her husband and their two children are doing. By late December, they’ll leave their life in West Michigan and move to Haiti.

Haitian by birth, the couple met in Grand Rapids and married. Jona Lazarre works as a nurse and nurse educator at Spectrum Health.

“We always wanted to help Haiti. We wanted to go back to Haiti to help but on a short-term basis. We never thought of moving back to Haiti,” she said. (Original Story)

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Born and raised in Freeport Bahamas, I am a lover of Caribbean life and all things equal. I believe that someday, the Caribbean will come together as one nation

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