A Beautiful Angel Lost Her Life Celebrating Caribbean Carnival At The Hands of A Coward

Aug 24, 2014
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Dawnn Jaffier

Dawnnn Jaffier, 26, lost her life on Saturday morning while taking part in Dorchester’s annual Caribbean Carnival. According to Boston Police, Dawnn was a victim of a stray bullet fired by a ruthless person whose bullet was meant for another target.

In just a few seconds, an innocent life with so much to give to the world lost her life. Fighting back the tears, her father said at a press conference on Saturday ” I’m going to have to bury my angel

Dawnn like many people who attend this event was there to celebrate the best of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, gunfire has become apart of Caribbean carnival with innocent people caught in the crossfire. Dawnn Jaffier was unfortunately one of those innocent victims.

Photo of Dawnn Jaffier courtesy of Boston CBS
Photo of Dawnn Jaffier courtesy of Boston CBS

Dawnn Jaffier was a University of Massachusetts-Amherst graduate and coached at a Boys & Girls Club. In an interview last year with City Year Boston, Dawnn said

“I love working with kids and have been working with kids since I was 14,” .My main goal is to work with kids, no matter what setting I’m in.”

We hope the person(s) responsible for the lost of Dawnn’s life will be brought to justice. Our sympathy goes out to Dawnn’s family and friends.

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