Author Loverly Sheridan Shares Stories Told by Real Women From Around The World

Nov 21, 2017
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Telling a story, an emotional and powerful story requires humility and not being judgemental and Loverly Sheridan, a mother, author, educator, storyteller, and motivational speaker, fits this description.

We have shared several stories about Sheridan on this platform and once again as she launched her latest book, we want to reintroduce this inspirational woman to our readers. I AM WOMAN, takes the readers through stories of heartache, betrayal, abuse, trauma, rejection, and failure.

Sheridan found her inspiration for writing her book, I AM WOMAN, based on her various encounters with women in various countries. These women shared their stories that they kept secret for many years, because of the fear of repercussion and judgment from society. Across the various countries that Sheridan visited, there was one common denominator that connected these stories.

These were stories of pain and suffering, but they are real stories, told by real women from all over the world, in their own words to help empower women to speak out loud, live their truth, and to no longer suffer in silence. And most importantly, to know that they are not alone and that no matter how dark their circumstances, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sheridan grew up in the Caribbean where talking about anything seem to be taboo. It seemed that there was  a stigma associated with everything, which caused people to live feeling fearful and ashamed for things that they sometimes had no control of.

Secrecy was encouraged for almost everything, and victims were often taught to pray about our problems, not talk about it. She thinks this practice causes a lot of people to internalize their problems and suffer in silence, become isolated and alone, suffer from mental illnesses from their traumas such as depression, and in some cases even take their own lives. And since most people are not educated about how such traumas can affect their lives and that of others, the problems persist and lead to other problems.

Sheridan says,

“I think it’s time we  begin to address the roots of those problems, and stop placing bandages on deep wounds.It’s the only way we can begin to see change and heal as a society and culture.”

Sheridan believes that the recent launch of her book is timely given the recent stories about sexual abuse and harassment in mainstream media outlets.

She said,

“I believe the #MeToo campaign is more than just women coming forward on sexual abuse issues; it is also about encouraging women who have experienced other trauma and hardships — giving them a common thread that they are not alone”

Here are some snippets from based on women who shared their stories with Sheridan.

I am Not My Mother

My mother had me when she was 16. I found this out when I was 11, I think. She told me that she left my father because he was physically abusive.

His version of the story, from as long as I could remember, was “your mother saw your stepfather and liked him and so she left.” He stuck to that story till the day he died.

Broken things can be Blessings in disguise

How little faith we sometimes have in our own God-appointed greatness! The minute I knew it was over, I literally fell apart. I kept thinking “I am 27; how the hell I am going to live without him? How am I going to finish my Master’s program?…What is the point of living a life that he is not part of?

You can read these and other stories in Sheridan’s book I AM WOMAN which is available for purchase at The Book Cellar and

About Loverly Sheridan
Loverly Sheridan is a mother, author, educator, storyteller, and motivational speaker, who believes in the power of education and storytelling. As an author and globetrotter, she finds great enjoyment in teaching, writing, travelling, telling stories, and in developing campaigns which raises awareness and empower children and adults to live their best lives.

She has written five children books and an autobiography “A Girl Like Me,” about her amazing world travels, which allowed her to explore six of the seven continents and over fifty countries! Her tailored made programs are designed to help children develop positive social and emotional skills that are linked to success in school and life. These include abilities and traits such as teamwork, persistence, goal setting, self-control and getting along with others. (Visit her website for more details)

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