Caribbean Youths Need Opportunities And This Initiative Is A Great First Step

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HashimJordonRuan2I am 20, I live in St Kitts and Nevis, a small country in comparison to other Caribbean islands but I share the same vision as many Caribbean youths, a bright future full of opportunities. However it seems more than ever that some sections of our society think many of us are just too lazy for our own good. Maybe that’s true for some of us but I have never thought that big dreams are not worth working hard to achieve.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in our way, too many for too many of us. Too many Caribbean youths feel a sense of hopelessness. We need opportunities not pity. We need projects that teach us leadership skills not projects that keeps us dependent on government. I am simply tired of being viewed as a problem rather than a solution.

Caribbean governments must develop youth initiatives that will identify opportunities and experiences during school years. This will help Caribbean youths to better prepare for life as an adult. These projects will assist youth in securing employment, pursuing post-secondary education and fully participating in community life.

There is however a bright spark, the global leaders coalition and Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods along with other partners such as 1M1B, Nanostar Limited and BEF has organized Call To Action Entrepreneurship Initiative. If you are a young entrepreneur from Belize, Jamaica, St Lucia, Guyana…. this program is for you.

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Find out more by clicking this link..

You can also email to participate >>

Deadline April 15th, 2015

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