In This Latest Incident, Three Caribbean Mothers Must Live With This Unbearable Pain

Oct 6, 2014
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She cries out aloud, “No No, No, That’s Not Mi Child, as the pain of losing her son, Dillion Skeete, seems unbearable. This was a recent event in Trinidad and Tobago where three young men including a Jamaican were shot dead.

The details  behind their deaths will hopefully be revealed soon but as I watch the video below, my thoughts are with mothers of  young men caught up in the vicious cycle of violence.
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Violence seems to have taken over our daily lives in parts of the Caribbean, the young, the old, the rich, and the poor, they are all victims.  In these recurring violent events, families particularly mothers must live with the pain of losing a son. This son could be a police officer, a soldier, an innocent bystander, or even a criminal. They all have mothers who feel their loss more than anyone else.

Dealing with grief is never easy. It is a lifelong pain. Mothers face the difficult reality that the son they love is not coming back and even time does not help to heal the pain.

The cycle of violence seems endless as mothers across communities in the Caribbean deal with the loss of their sons. Unlike a movie, there are no “cuts” or chances to reword the script. In situations where a son is loss in questionable circumstances the pain and the questions about his death won’t go away.

Whether or not these young men where guilty of any crime, or you think they reaped the seeds that they sow, we have to feel some compassion for their mothers, all mothers of the victims loss to these senseless acts of violence.

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Image © Copyright: Jamaica Observer

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