Meet The 2018 Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholar, Young Economist Zubin Deyal

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When 20 year old Zubin Deyal was named this year’s Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholar, there were celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana.

Deyal, was born in Barbados to a Trinidadian father and a Guyanese mother-that makes him truly a son of the Caribbean. Currently working as an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank, Deyal was elated when he was told that he was selected out of the nine candidates that applied.

In a November 21st post on his Facebook page, Deyal said

” Thanks to all of you who have helped me on this journey! I really appreciate the support you have given me and I hope to serve you and the Caribbean in whatever capacity I can.”

Based on his words above, this son of the Caribbean, will truly be a shining light across the Caribbean for years to come.

Check out the Nation News’ interview below.

Here is a snippet of what the Rhodes House wrote about Zubin on their website

A true Caribbean man, Zubin has lived in four countries in the region and is passionate about achieving regional sustainable development. He believes in protecting the most vulnerable members of society and spends time volunteering with Parkinson’s sufferers and youth groups.

An avid sportsman, Zubin is especially fond of cricket and has held leadership roles in the sport playing for the Leeward Islands. At Oxford, he hopes to pursue Masters of Science in Economics for Development, and Financial Economics. [Source: Rhodes House]

Congrats Deyal and we wish you all the best.

Tisha Ricketts

Born and raised in Freeport Bahamas, I am a lover of Caribbean life and all things equal. I believe that someday, the Caribbean will come together as one nation

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