Meet This 23-year old CEO of Caribbean Descent, Who Believes We Should Learn From Our Failures

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Ofo Ezeugwu is 23-year-old, co-founder and CEO of Whose Your Landlord, an service that offers student the ability to rate their landlord. This young man’s story shows the positive influence of Caribbean culture especially North America where there are many distractions.

Ezeugwuo parents are from Nigeria and Barbados. He learned growing up, never to give up. Many immigrants from the Caribbean and  Africa faced difficulties in the early years of their life as immigrants- but they never give up.

In this video Ezeugwu sat down with Candid Career and Temple University to discuss the saying he lives by everyday and how “failure” develops and makes entrepreneurs stronger.

Whose Your Landlord was launched in Philadelphia in September 2013. There are 78,000 active users across 100+ cities. There are currently more than 3000 reviews of 2200+ landlords uploaded to its platform.

Kwame Samuels

Kwame Samuels was born and raised in Negril Jamaica. He currently resides in Toronto Canada where he works fulltime in the field of market research. Kwame is a avid soccer fan and listen to Roots Reggae everyday

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