My Personal Story-Proof That Caribbean People Have A Good Heart

Jun 7, 2016
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Maybe you doubt the fact that most people in the Caribbean have a good heart. Here is my own personal story that I will share to prove that most of us are kind-hearted.

I just recently resume writing again after a long pause. My absence from writing had a lot to do with my personal life and internal battles.

We all have these moments in our lives when it seems like nothing goes right for us. So, I decided to write about some individuals who have been there to help me and to thank them.

I call them my Caribbean Angels because I have never physically met them but they have always been there when I needed a helping hand. Be it in the form of advice, a listening ear or monetary. They are not merely acquaintances to me but friends. I am sure that many of us have come across persons like that in our lives. Someone who is just there at the right time when you need help. You can call them heroes or angels, I prefer angels.

Richard Williams

My first Angel is Mr Richard Williams, yes, the owner of this website. Mr Williams provided me with this opportunity to write and has been an awesome mentor. He has not only been a mentor to me but he has also been there to listen to me when I message him on Facebook. He was also kind enough to ask me to send him my Curriculum Vitae and that he would pass it along when I told him that I was looking for employment. And for all these reasons I would like to say a big thank you to him from the bottom of my heart and may God richly bless you.

Carolyn Young

My second Angel is Ms Carolyn Young. She is a sweet lady who lives in Barbados. We met through network marketing online. That was two years ago and since then we have kept in touch and become fast friends. She has been one to guide me spiritually. She always has a kind word or great advice. I can say that she has renewed my faith in the power of prayers. So to you Ms Young, I say a big thank you and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

Yasmine Fercinta Eugene

My third angel is Ms Yasmine Fercinta Eugene. She lives in St.Lucia and yes I have never met her. We communicate via Facebook or Whatsapp. She has been a great help. Always and consistently will let me know when there are vacancies available and will constantly check in with me to see how my search is going. Even whilst she herself was unemployed and looking she would always keep me in mind. Thank you Yasmine so very much, more blessings are coming your way.

Ms Shaunette Tench

My fourth and final Angel is Ms Shaunette Tench, another St.Lucian like myself whom I have never met in person. If its possible to have a best friend whom you have never met then she is it. Provides encouragement, advice and I can tell her practically anything. Thank you Ms Tench for everything.

I believe that its always best to give recognition to someone who has made a difference in your life or has made an impact in your life. These four different persons have certainly made an impact on my life and thats why they deserve to be called my Caribbean Angels.

Keysha Pierre

I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful boys. I have a passion for knowledge and writing. I am an avid reader of all book genres and I am a proud St.Lucian.

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