#PressPlay Here is One Place That You Might Be Surprised To Find Caribbean People

May 9, 2016
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In this video of Sanford-Belle Presents, the story of Caribbean people who journey a long way from home is told.

One of those places, an unlikely destination, is the Middle East – mainly, The United Arab Emirates and It would interest you to see where Caribbean people are positioned in the workforce. But what may surprise you is the share volume of them!

Historically the example of the hard working West Indian immigrant has been a UK, Canadian or American story. The UK was an obvious choice because it is the former mother country.
Geographically the United States was also a lot closer than the UK and as The US came of age in the 20th Century and needed immigrants to drive its growth, West Indians went to that country in high numbers.

Canada as a commonwealth country with obvious cultural and historical linkages, also become home to a healthy Caribbean Diaspora.

No doubt West Indians are subject to the pushes and pulls of global development. And our multi-cultural background appears to have prepared us to fit in almost anywhere.

Story courtesy of Sanford-Belle Presents

Gwen Rampersaud

Trinidadian born and raised in Port of Spain. I love talking about my country especially sharing the great things that make us truly unique

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