More Selfies Please! A Caribbean Campaign That Highlights The Positives

Dec 13, 2014
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I have taken a few “Selfies” but some of my friends are obsessed with taking the perfect “Selfies”. They spend minutes preparing for that perfect moment and after several tries, they finally settle on the perfect picture.

I don’t really get the obsession with “Selfies” but there most be some positives. There are many people in the Caribbean who feel uncomfortable with themselves, I did when I was a teenager. Self-love can be difficult for many people who may not feel comfortable with colour of their skin, or with how they look.

I came across this campaign launched by the UWI STAT Ambassador Corps with the objective of promoting love and respect for oneself and others.

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Quoting from the campaign;

“Recognizing the dignity and worth of every human being regardless of age, sex, race, religion, nationality, social class, sexuality or abilities and appreciating our differences. Promoting these positive values will empower others to become better individuals and socially responsible.

We believe that once you love YOURSELF, many social issues will decrease in our Caribbean society such as domestic violence, child abuse, suicide”

That is an interesting spin on “Selfie” that I would have never thought of. Perhaps more young girls and boys across the Caribbean should be encourage to take and share their “Selfies”.

What is a Selfie?
A selfie is a photo of yourself that you actually take yourself. These can be taken anywhere at any time, but for it to be a “selfie” it must be self-snapped.

Tisha Ricketts

Born and raised in Freeport Bahamas, I am a lover of Caribbean life and all things equal. I believe that someday, the Caribbean will come together as one nation

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