This Woman Of Caribbean Descent Shines Bright In The NBA

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Born to Caribbean parents, Melissa McGhie Proctor is Chief Marketing Officer for NBA team Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena in Atlanta.

Proctor’s story reflects a blend of Caribbean, middle America, and black American culture and offers a unique perspective on life.

Melissa McGhie Proctor
Melissa McGhie Proctor

It wasn’t any easy road for this young woman who was raised in South Florida. Although not a fan of basketball in her early days, she got involved with the NBA. In high school she became the first ball girl (team attendant) for the Miami Heat organization and in later years returning to work for the Heat in basketball operations and the Atlanta Hawks as a ball girl.

But it was her parents who instilled the work ethic and attitude. In an interview with, Proctor said,

“When I wanted to get a job, my mom said that I had to get a job in the field that I wanted to be in for the rest of my life.My mother always told me to have intention and direction in whatever you’re doing.”

She credits her Jamaican father and Belizean mother for showing her examples of hard work and always doing a thorough job.

Watch an exclusive backstage interview with Melissa Proctor from Transition 2016

This is an excerpt from the article that featured Proctor

Motivated by the memory of her late mother, Proctor strives to work hard and continue to make her happy both personally and professional. She states her mom was her “biggest champion and was always So proud of her successes. She attributes those successes to three important factors: 1) being confident; 2) having drive/perseverance; and 3) a strong faith.

On being a powerful woman, she says, “I believe the strength of a powerful woman comes from being her whole, true and authentic self — unapologetically. By accepting yourself (flaws and all) you are able to let your light shine and encourage others to do the same.”

Melissa McGhie Proctor, artist, a marketer, and a student of diversity and Caribbean descendant; your story is truly inspirational.

To read more about Proctor, check out her writings on medium.

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