Hair seems to attract a lot of attention in the Caribbean from hairstyle to hair quality, it is a sensitive topic. The recent suspension of students at a high school in Bahamas created social media frenzy, with the popular tag#supportthepuff garnering a lot of attention.

But there is another side of the hair story that I wanted to share with readers. A few years ago two Haitian-American nationals, Yve-Car Momperousse and Stephane Jean Baptiste launched their own company, Kreyòl Essence (KE).

The Other Side of The Hair Story-Two Caribbean Nationals Making A Positive Change 2

KE’s signature hair, skin, and body products are created using Haitian Black Castor Oil. But its not just a business. The company promotes a social mission which is to have a positive impact on Haiti. The company has invested a significant portion of its capital in Haiti and have also doubled the 40 Haitian workers they employed in 2014 last year.

Check out the pre-recorded Instagram/Facebook Live stream following Shark Tank founders with Yve-Car Momperousse & Stephane Jean-Baptiste.


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