Caribbean Hostility! These [Videos] Will Change Your Mind

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For many of us who believe that there is hostility between Caribbean people, two recent events might help to change your mind.

First the West Indies triumph over India in the World T20 semifinals

It was a nail biting match but West Indies triumph over India and is now heading to the World T20 finals.

Watching the West Indies team celebrate on the field, gives me hope that most of us still believe that we are one people.

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Second the 44th Annual CARIFTA Games

St. Kitts has just concluded a successful hosting the 44th Annual CARIFTA Games. In the video below, the Bahamian Junkanoo Band providing musical entertainment with the teams.

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The CARIFTA Games is an annual athletics competition founded by the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA). The games was first held in 1972 and consists of track and field events including sprint races, hurdles, middle distance track events, jumping and throwing events, and relays.

We share a common history and more than we think- common problems.

But too often there are events that seem to break us apart and the expected emotional reaction tends to lead us to forget our shared history and bond.

Today’s victory is a celebration of Caribbean unity. Some may argue that the West Indies Cricket and regional politicians have so far failed to unite the Caribbean. While I would agree that regional politicians have dropped the ball, I continue to believe that through sports and personal dialogue, we will be in a better place in terms of a united Caribbean.

Perhaps that just a dream but thanks to the West Indies cricket team and young Caribbean athletes, my dream seems realistic.

Richard Williams

Co-founder of, a passionate believer in the greatness of the Caribbean and its people. Fan of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Garnet Silk.

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