We LOVE the smiles of These Two Caribbean Women Who Are Brave Enough To Share Their Stories

Dec 22, 2015
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They come from different parts of the Caribbean, Myrtle Morrison from Jamaica, Maya Hope Kitwana from St Lucia but they share similar stories. Like many Caribbean women who face a painful past shut behind closed doors or locked up in a box never to be exposed to the world- some have the courage to speak out, to do something, to simply say never again should this happen to another person.

Morrison and Kitwana have been both featured on this website. Currently living in Canada just a few miles from each other, they have decided to raise their voices in the community.

Both women have written their stories in their own words.

In her memoir, Breaking My Silence, Maya Hope Kitwana exposes her truth; showing from the inside out what was required for her to survive her childhood nightmares. These nightmares no longer torment Maya Hope Kitwana. Her story provides a lighthouse for others who have suffered abuse.

Chapter One-Beginnings

I was born Destiny Maya Defoe in late September 1976 on the island of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles. My mother’s name is Margaret, and she was around twenty when she had me. Margaret was the third child of twelve children. As for my father, he simply was not in my life. I don’t know why he had no contact with us or if he ever even knew I existed, but I did not know him growing up and at least to the best of my knowledge, had never met him.

Myrtle Morrison shares her story through her memoir “Mother Dearest Imperfect Love”. This is the story of a young woman’s searching for her mother’s love, the challenges she faced in an unkind world, and the way in which she overcame obstacles and achieved her ultimate dream of writing her story.

This memoir tells the life story of Myrtle Morrison, who never received love from her mother and never knew the true identity of her father.

The story relates how, through determination, Myrtle survived sexual harassment, a near-rape, a murder attempt, and much more to become a respected member of the community, a well-loved mother, and a source of inspiration for others.

I encourage you to support them. Perhaps simply sending a message of support, liking their Facebook pages or if you can purchase their book.

Maya’s Website


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