What Lies Behind This Picture Perfect Caribbean Paradise?

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Caribbean Paradise

Most tourists to the Caribbean never get the chance to see beyond the sea, sun and beach. But there is another world outside the confines of hotels and villas or the pictures shown in tourist brochures. This world represents the other side of paradise, where ordinary Caribbean people live.

We take you into this world by sharing these pictures from Dominica Republic, Jamaica and Guyana.

Dominica Republic
guyana food for the poor photo: Dominican Republic home DRFeb25-Mar1071782.jpg

Jamaican Home
guyana food for the poor photo: Jamaican home 20090629_R93_JAM_0440.jpg

Jamaican School
guyana food for the poor photo: Jamaica school 20110126_jam_r93_2545.jpg

Guyana photo: Bathroom, Guyana 20110601_guy_r93_0635.jpg


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