Young Entrepreneur Brings Caribbean Groceries to Your Front Door

Feb 23, 2017
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I recently had the pleasure of getting to know young entrepreneur, Isiah Blake, who owns a small Birmingham-based food delivery service, which has been in operation for approximately 3 months called KJI Fruit and Veg Produce.

Isiah Blake, 34 year old entrepreneur, currently resides in Birmingham UK, is the Managing director of  KJI Fruit and Veg Produce. His father is from Jamaica and mother is from Florida. He is also, a qualified PC Technican, DJ and has over 15 years of experience in Call Center and Field Support roles. When asked what inspired him to start this business, his reply was;

“My inspirations spread far and wide but I want to help the elderly and less able bodied persons who can’t go to the grocery store. People of Caribbean background who live in parts of Birmingham that have no local access to the essential grocery products they need. Serving the black community.

The produce I sell is purposely aimed at that target audience. The reason being is because where I come from, we don’t have many black owned businesses selling Caribbean produce. Leaving something positive for my children and family to be a part of and eventually take over.” 

KJI Fruit and Veg produce is a Birmingham based delivery service that delivers a Caribbean Variety Grocery box to your front door or place of business. Isiah’s clientele ranges from the elderly, single parents, people who have no access locally to Caribbean produce and persons who haven’t got the necessary time to shop.

At this time KJI consists of 4 employees, 2 Preparation and packaging assistants, 1 receptionist and owner, Mr Blake. This small business has been doing extremely well thus far by using social media as their main marketing tool. Isiah has also stated that he will arranging radio and flyer advertising very soon.

KJI Stocks the very best fruit and vegetables from Africa, the caribbean and Excotic Destinations. Food boxes contain all the essential Caribbean groceries needed and at a very affordable price. The prices start from £10 a box and can differ depending on the quantity and size of the box.

The £10 box contains 13 items: White Yam,Yellow Yam,Sweet Potato, Plantain, Green Banana,Pumpkin, Okra, Scotch Bonnet, Garlic, Thyme, Onions, Spring onion,Mixed Peppers. Extra Items are also available such as, Breadfruit, Cabbage, Cho Cho, Tinned Ackee & Callaloo, Skinless Boneless Saltfish and Bread and Bun (fresh from the bakery). Food boxes are customizable.

Kudos to this young entrepreneur who is playing his part to help and give back to his fellow Caribbean community. If you would like to get in contact with Isiah, he can be reached at Tel: 07708482330, Email:, Instagram: @kjifruitandveg or Facebook: Isiah Blake kji

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