A 23 Year Old Caymanian Convict Offers Words of Advice for Caribbean Parents

May 26, 2014
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Crime is not really a problem in Cayman Islands compared to the rest of the Caribbean but this 23 year old Caymanian now serving time in prison offers words of advice for Caribbean parent and youths.

This interview was conducted in 2010
[youlist vid=”ZlkPPtjkerE” showinfo=”0″]

Parents are basically losing control of their children he says. For him one of his biggest problem was a lack of supervision and this was the main reason why he is now serving time behind bars.

You might ask why should we use an example from Cayman Islands, a country with a low crime rate and relatively high standard of living. But the issues faced by this young man in the video are the same as other countries in the Caribbean; little or no parental supervision and  limited access to resources that could help Caribbean children nurture their talent.

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