Meet 19 Year Old CEO Rianna Patterson and One of Dominica’s 2017 Queen’s Young Leaders Awardee

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My name is Rianna Patterson, a Psychology graduant of the Dominica State College and CEO of the Dominica Dementia Foundation.

My grandfather passed away with Dementia. That gave me the inspiration to create a organization that specializes in assisting those that suffer from Dementia and to provide support to family members and caregivers after .

I know how emotionally and physical draining it can be to have a family member suffer from Dementia. I wanted the foundation to be looked as a source of hope and resource provider for the families that are going through this. I just knew that I had to do something!

I launched the Dominica Dementia Foundation on September 2, 2016. I was 18 but i didn’t let my age stop me for trying to make a difference. But I didn’t do this by myself. I have been fortunate to have support from others. I am grateful to them for believing in this cause.

The board of directors consist of Phael Lander, Dr.Sharma, Crege Laronde, Alisha Alexander and Esmerlda Joseph.

We raise awareness of Dementia in Dominica, raise funds for the families, provide emotional support to the families and caregivers, we also facilitate research towards Dementia.

We have been acknowledged by the Alzheimers Society, World Leaders in Dementia (WYLD), Alzheimers Disease International and various regional Alzheimers Associations.

In December 2016 I was announced as one of the Queens Young Leader for Dominica. In June 2017 I will be honored by her Majesty the Queen in Buckingham Palace. I am humbly surprised and blessed for this opportunity to improve my skills as a leader and I will use this Award as a motivation that I can achieve great things.

Apart from running the foundation I am a member of several NGOs in Dominica including Lifeline Ministries, NGO coalition and Dominica Council on Women.

I have a passion for the Elderly, Volunteering and Psychology

I also have interest in Art and Media.

I am working on publishing a book in December 2017 that is centered around teenage life and everything in between.

I have plans on embarking various  projects within and outside the foundation.

For more about the Dominica Dementia Foundation, please visit our Facebook Page.

Rianna Patterson
CEO at Dominica Dementia Foundation
Education: Dominica State College

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