The Story of Kenisha and Athalie from Dominica-Picking Up The Pieces After Hurricane Maria

Jun 4, 2018
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What happen on September 18, 2017 would forever change the lives of Kenisha and Athalie from Dominica. That was the day Hurricane Maria devastated the island and uprooted their lives and most of citizens of Dominica.

For many the traces of both physical and emotional damages still remains.

This short documentary tells the story of Kenisha (9) and Athalie (36). The night of the hurricane is relived through their eyes. For both of them it was the very first time they experienced a hurricane as devastating as Maria. Athalie, one of the main figures in the village, tells how children in the village like Kenisha have been traumatized by the event. Moreover, how do they stay motivated with the next hurricane season already around the corner?

The First Generation to Experience Climate Change from Elsemieke de Boer on Vimeo.

The short documentary was produced as part of the Short Documentary Film course by World Press Photo, NOOR Images and the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DJMX). The project was supervised by Pep Bonet, award-winning filmmaker and photographer and member of NOOR Images, and Henrik Kastenskov, founder of Bombay Flying Club and teacher at DJMX.

Special thanks to the Pongovi Foundation in Dominica

Tisha Ricketts

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