How A Young Grenadian Won the Highest Military Decoration For Valour in the British Army

Oct 31, 2016
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The story of Grenadian Johnson Beharry is truly inspiring. He tells the story of how he was driving his vehicle on patrol in Afghanistan, with his platoon.

Then, fire erupted and the vehicle was hit. Not knowing if the people he was carrying in the Warrior armoured car were alive or dead, he decided to get the vehicle out of danger, and then see who was alive, and get them to safety.

Sergeant Johnson Beharry

His selfless actions in Iraq made him a recipient of a Victoria Cross. His official citation can be found elsewhere on the online museum website.

Beharry, was the first living recipient for thirty years and the first soldier to receive the Victoria Cross for service in the Falklands War. He is now one of the only two individuals to be awarded the Victoria Cross (VC). He is only Grenadian and person from the Caribbean to have been awarded the Victoria Cross.

Despite all the odds, he survived to tell the story. If you want to listen to that inspiring story on heroism in Afghanistan, then this video by Johnson Barry is inspirational. The story of a hero in Afghanistan.

Johnson Gideon Beharry was among 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He was born on 26th July 1979 on Grenada Island. In 1999, at age 20, he moved to West London to acquire a better quality of life.

Life on construction sites was difficult. In August 2001, Beharry went in search for a new direction, so he decided to enlist in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. Afterwards he trained to be a Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle driver.

Beharry finished his first tour of duty at Kosovo, before beginning a three-month tour of duty in Northern Ireland. He then proceeded to Iraq during the second Gulf War.

The heroism of this young Grenadian man is celebrated wherever he goes across the United Kingdom.

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