Jumaane Williams, Son of Grenadian Immigrants, Stands Up For A Trinidadian Native

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When Ravi Ragbir, a Trinidadian native and an immigrant-rights activist, was arrested by US Immigration, Brooklyn Council Member Jumaane William, who is of Grenadian descent, knew he had to take a stand.

Two weeks ago, Williams along with fellow City Councilmember Ydanis Rodríguez and 16 others, were arrested as they and others attempted to block an ambulance being used to transport Ravi Ragbir to a detention center.

In a video posted on video posted on Twitter by BuzzFeed News, Williams breathlessly said, “Freedom. Resist. Freedom. Resist. We are going to resist,” while a cop held him face down on the hood of a gray car.

Last week, Williams spoke about his ordeal and how far citizens should go to protect the rights of immigrants.

This is not the first time, Williams to fought against unfairness. In 2011, during the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, Williams was arrested and handcuffed for walking along a closed-off sidewalk, after having received permission to do so from other officer. He has also been an outspoken opponent of the NYPD’s approach to Stop-and-frisk in New York City.

At 41, Williams will continue to be a force to be reckon with for several years. Grenadians must feel proud of this son of the soil who steadfastly fights for people without a voice.

Moses Jameson

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