Young Grenadian American Woman Making Black Girl Magic

May 4, 2016
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Meet Chantal Jones. A young Grenadian American woman who is dedicating her talents to highlight women who are making history. Honoring both women of the past and the present.

Chantal Jones was born in Brooklyn, NY to parents of Grenadian heritage. She received her B.A. in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, & Mass Media from Temple University. Chantal joined the Grenadian-American Young Women’s Association in the fall of 2011. She is current Vice-President and initially joined to learn more about her culture, as she was born in the US, but always had an interest in her Grenadian heritage

Chantal, who is a talented Videographer and Photographer, decided to create a web series called “Words of Wisdom.” In it, she has interviews with women of various backgrounds and careers providing inspiration to other women and young girls.

Why did she choose to undertake such a venture? I’ll tell you why. On a recent trip to Grenada, she noticed a lot of woman being spoken about and speaking of other women in derogatory terms and she wanted to change that. She felt it necessary to create a positive reflection for women to feel empowered by.

According to Jones, “While I was going around with my cousin I could see that women were being disrespected all over, and these women were answering.” She went on to say,“I felt the best way for me to express the way I was feeling was through video so it will be different women giving tips and words of wisdom to girls and other women letting them know that their lives matter and you don’t have to respond to crap.”

The women involved come from all walks of life including activists, educators, and other professionals.

As a woman myself, with very strong views on women being called offensive names, whether they call each other these names amongst themselves or men call them these names in songs. I refuse to sit back and sing along or dance to such songs. Its insulting and I take great offence to it. Kudos to Chantal Jones for being one of the few of us women who will abide with it.

Look out for Chantals’ videos on her website, or visit her Facebook page

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