13 Years Later, And JUSTICE Is Finally Served For a Guyanese Mother

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In 2003 a Guyanese mother lost her son, when he was murdered by a fellow cricket player. 13 years later she has found justice for him.

Kumar Sarjou, 22, was killed whilst playing cricket. During the game, he called a no ball and a fellow player, came up to him and hit him 3 times on the head with a bat. He was rushed to the hospital where he died 18 hours later from a fractured skull and hemorrhaging. The accused, got a prison sentence of 9 years.

Though it’s been a really long time, in my opinion, before the a verdict was reached, Champa Singh Arang, is very happy that her son’s killer has finally gotten what he deserves. This has also renewed her hope of finding her missing daughter, Babita Sarjou, who disappeared 6 years ago on her way to Diwali

One can only imagine, the pain this mother has been through. To have you son killed and then your daughter goes missing with no word of what became of her. My heart goes out to her and her family.

Let’s listen to this mother’s story;



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