At Only 8 years old, Anaya of Guyanese Descent, Just Made History

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At 8 years old Anaya Lee Willabus whose parents are Guyanese, has just written and published a book. This makes her the youngest published female author in the US.

Her parents Rajmatie and Winston Willabus of Georgetown, Guyana have always encouraged Anaya to read. Anaya was able to read at age 2 and by the time she was 6, she was reading more than 10 books per month.

Anaya’s life is not just about books, her Guyanese parents encourages Anaya to pursue a balance life. She loves soccer and karate. At 8 year, Anaya is mature beyond her years but she remains a kid at heart, playing with her dolls in her free time.

Anaya’s book, The Day Mohan Found His Confidence, was written after she and her family return from a trip to Guyana in 2014. Incorporating life in Guyana, the book is recommended read for children.  It addresses challenges at school as well as at home using the world of realistic fiction to tell a story.

The video below provides a brief coverage of Anaya’s story.

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