Disgusting: Video of Two Young Criminals in Training Robbing A School Girl in Guyana

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Young thieves in Guyana

Just when I thought that the situation in Guyana wouldn’t get to this level, it just did! This video of two young criminals in training, robbing a school girl in Guyana is disgusting.

Even as the young school girl screamed at the top of her voice and tried to resist, the two cowards continue to assault her and, at one point even brandishing a knife. They didnt stop until they got what they wanted.

[youlist vid=”iEtcV54D-b8″ showinfo=”0″]

I feel helpless just as the other school girl who stood by obviously felt. How could one blame her for not stepping in as she would likely be dealt with by the two young thugs. However, I am angry that it is likely that these two thugs or bandits in traing will never be caught and will likey graduate to more violent crime.

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