Guyanese Author’s Inspiring Life Story Captured in Her Book “Sunday’s Child”

Jan 6, 2016
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Guyanese born Anne Lyken-Garner, now living in United Kingdom, is a freelance writer. She’s widely published on the Internet and elsewhere, and writes mainly on subjects of family, relationships, frugal living and lifestyle. She’s a long time blogger and editor for an online magazine.

Her latest book Sunday’s Child is a based on a true story.

Sunday's Child
Sunday’s Child

Set in Guyana, a former British Colony, told through the eyes of a child sometimes called, Ann. She tells of the harrowing life she’s forced to live with her abusive grandmother, while giving a glimpse into the political and cultural climate of the economically stricken country at the time.

Ann didn’t care that she lived in poverty – after all, the best hours of her young life were those spent in the food lines – because anything, anything was better than the horrendous abuse she suffered at home.

Daily blackouts, political brainwash, murders raging through her unstable country, and her hunger pains were no match for the darkness that lived within her soul – a soul sketched as a dot-to-dot picture of constant fear. Each day, each dot got her closer to the completion of an existence steadily spiralling downward to certain annihilation of everything she hoped her life could be.

Sunday’s Child is not only about pain, but about laughter, mental breakdowns, evictions, loyalty, and above all, love; for it is love that ultimately triumphs in the wretched arena of torture, corruption and abandonment.

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