These Guyanese Kids Can Teach Us Valuable Life Lessons

Dec 19, 2016
1 min read

Life Lessons from these Guyanese kids can provide adults with ways to navigate through our challenges and issues.

Elders are respected in the Caribbean for their experience and advice but not often do we look at Caribbean kids for teachable moments.

But these Guyanese kids from Joshua House Children Centre are perfect examples of life lessons that adults should live by on a daily basis. As I watched the video below, I can’t help but admire the positive spirits of these kids, many of whom have faced difficult circumstances in their young lives.

These days I see an increasingly number of people across the Caribbean feeling hopeless about their futures. The kids above, even from their simple smiles, haven’t given up on their future-that’s a simple life lesson for anyone.

Across the Caribbean where there are so much negativity and negative stories, it’s refreshing to hear and watch these Guyanese kids show such positive view of the world. I hope this rubs off on adults-for the sake of these kids.

About Joshua House Children Centre
Joshua House’s mission is to help kids who are facing unfortunate circumstances; these include children whose parents are unable to look after them, street children, abused children and orphans. For more about the Joshua House check out their Facebook page.

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