Guyanese Roots Damien Hooper Campbell is eBay’s First Chief Diversity Officer

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There is no doubt that Damien Hooper Campbell Guyanese roots helped to shape his future and made him perfect for the role of eBay’s first Chief Diversity Officer.

Like many people of Guyanese descent, growing up in North America created a strong foundation that showed confidence and strength of character.

In 2016, ebay hired Campbell as their Chief Diversity Officer. He brought to the position strong experience with community engagement and several years leading diversity efforts at various technology companies, including tech giant Google.

Here is Damien talking about humanizing diversity and inclusion

Looking back at Damien’s life journey, you can tell that he is on a mission to generate more authentic, effective conversations about diversity and inclusion. Once again his Guyanese background and upbringing contributed to his current path.

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