Guyanese Women To Prevent Rape “Dress Properly”, Safety Tip From Your Senior Police Officer

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Commander of A’ Division which covers the largest Police district and the most populated part of the Guyana, Senior Superintendent of Police, Clifton Hicken in a recent speech suggest women should dress appropriately to prevent being rape. His exact words were “Moral Attire”

I sense a level of frustration by the Senior Superintendent of Police. You only have to read some of the sad stories of rape and you will certainly feel a sense of frustration. Maybe this is the frustration that this Guyanese cop is feeling. The number of reported rapes in Guyana is on the increase and obviously as part of the crime fighting machine, the police is looking for a solution, maybe any solution that would stop the rapist. Perhaps the victims can help us out please !

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But there are “no reasons” that I can think of that would justify rape. Whether a woman walks down the street half naked or fully dressed from head to toe, I see no justification for her being raped.

Saying that a tight dress or short shorts or anything similar made someone rape someone else puts the blame, once again, on a victim. I don’t doubt the SPP Clifton Hicken’s sincerity in fighting crime but let’s not for one moment let these rapist think that the can say in their defense “She was half naked”

Don’t blame the victim blame the rapist.

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