Guyana Will Always Be His Home-Peter Jailall

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Guyana holds a special place for Peter Jailall. Now living in Canada, Jailall has dedicated his life to make a difference.

So often when we think about making a difference many of us thing that we have to do something enormous to have any effect. Jailall thinks otherwise and this is why people in Guyana continues to respect him.

Guyana-Peter Jailall

Making Positive Changes in Guyana

Jailall is a retired teacher in Toronto and now the coordinator of the Guyana Canada Teacher Education Project. He wanted to give back to Guyana. Jailall attended Teachers’ College in Georgetown and with his many of teaching experience in Canada, he knew that his knowledge and training would be of value to Guyana.

Twice a year, Jailall returns to Guyana, mostly to the remote village of Mabaruma just a few miles from the N.E Guyana/Venezuela border. He is teaching Guyanese children how to integrate the local Guyanese dialect into standard English.

In the video below recorded in 2009, Jailall talks about his volunteer work in Guyana and the reasons why he thinks it is important to make a difference.

Fast forward to 2015 and Peter Jailall continues to volunteer in Guyana. In an interview with the Caribbean Camera, Jailall when asked why he volunteers in this programme, he said,

“It means that I’m making the world a better place in a small way and I’m being Canadian. I lived in this country since the 1970s and I’m a Guyanese and a proud Canadian.

“This is my country that gave me skills and knowledge.”

For the latest on Jailall’s work read the full article in Caribbean Camera Teacher steers Guyanese kids to better future

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