In Guyana, this Woman Has Selflessly Devoted Her Time To Transport Nurses

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Meet a West Demerara woman in Guyana who has selflessly been devoting her time to transporting the nurses of the West Demerara Regional Hospital to and from work, absolutely free of cost.

These are the stories of COVID-19 that should be shared as despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Guyana are stepping up to help.

Nursing in Guyana

For those looking to attend nursing school in Guyana, there are several options. These are all three-year programs. Student can access various incentives or grants offered by the Guyanese government or independently through the institution.

1.Guyana Ministry of Health

The Guyana Ministry of Health offers a nursing education program that takes about 36 months of continuous study to complete. To gain admission to the program, prospective students must pass a general proficiency test, have some knowledge of English and demonstrate good grades. Certified working midwives and nursing assistants are also eligible for the program. (Program link)

2.University of Guyana

University of Guyana nursing program admits students who have demonstrated a career or academic interest in health science, and who have shown the capability of completing high-level academic work. Courses are in English and if English is not the student’s first language, he will have to pass proficiency exams before beginning the program. (Program link)

3.St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital offers a three-year nursing program that leaves its graduates prepared to work as registered nurses in Guyana. Alumni of the nursing program are welcomed to the University of Guyana to earn their Bachelor of Nursing degree or work toward degrees in midwifery or dentistry. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital offers clinical supervision. Students receive and monthly stipend while enrolled in this program.

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