If you are Guyanese and you often wonder if you are better off compared to your parents, here are some numbers that you should definitely know;

  • 0.638 is the 2013 Human Development Index for Guyana
  • 70.2 years is the Average Life Expectancy for A Guyanese
  • 10.3 years is the Expected Years of Schooling for A Guyanese
  • $US3,387 is the Average Yearly Income for A Guyanese
  • 117th is where Guyana rank out of 187 Countries for Human Development Index (HDI)

Now that you know these numbers, do you actually care? Perhaps simply knowing them have no impact on your daily life especially if you feel a sense of hopelessness.

The UNDP publishes these in a report each year and if the numbers look good, the Guyanese government talks about them.

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How many Guyanese know what Human Development Index (HDI) means?  Or can they boast to their non-Guyanese friends that the overall HDI value improved from 0.516 to 0.638?

Well the latest report from the UNDP puts Guyana at 117 out of 187 countries on the basis of quality of life. For those who feel that things are getting worse in Guyana there are 70 countries who are worst off.

But perhaps the bigger questions to ask yourself are.. What will I do now that I know these numbers? Will I demand that my Government be more accountable to the things that I affects me directly?




Moses is a Jamaican and loves Reggae Music. He loves sharing his experiences about the Caribbean Culture.