My Fellow Guyanese, If Doing Your Part is Good Enough Why Do Streets in Guyana Flood So Often?

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Here is a simple question I ask of all my fellow Guyanese. If Doing Your Part is Good Enough Why Do Streets in Guyana Flood So Often?

I am a Guyanese national living in the US. I visited Guyana this year and yes I agree there are a few improvements, certain foundations are not in place. We have a bunch of big buildings but the infrastructure is still off.

Citizens that beat on their chest that they clean their surroundings they are also affected with the rest of the citizens that don’t do their part, those people are considered the weak links in society. There’s a saying you are only strong as your weakest link. As a Guyanese do you feel there is some truth to that statement, Yes, No or Maybe? They still pay with everyone else when it floods as those who don’t (the weakest link). 

We need the government to step in and enforce strick environmental laws.

These 3 photos are examples of why things must change now.


This school was awarded (environment friendly prize) but they have to suffer today because of citizens around that don’t do their part





I love Guyana, it is a rich country, in minerals, culture and undiscovered land but it sometimes hurt me that we settle for less especially when it comes to people investing in our nation. We get all excited and yet we don’t know that we’re sitting on a gold mine, The true El Dorado!

Although I live abroad, I haven’t given up hope for my country Guyana.

I love Guyana

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Ian Luke

Ian Luke is a Guyanese national living in the USA

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