“Please Save My Child”, Watch A Desperate Plea From A Mother In Guyana

"Please Save My Child", Watch A Desperate Plea From A Mother In Guyana 1

For 22 year old Felisha Melvin from Guyana, motherhood was supposed to be one of extreme joy as she looked forward to welcoming her newborn into the world. But it has been one of sadness and pain as her baby was born with severe health condition.

Watch as Felisha tells her story to HGPTV Guyana

Felisha is pleading for help as so far she is left to care for her baby on her own. The child’s father left her because the baby was born with this condition.

According to Felisha, Doctors at Georgetown Public Hospital in Guyana suggested that she seeks help overseas. However, a month has passed and  the exposed brain keeps growing. With what seems to be limited medical support, Felisha is doing her best to care for her baby, including  cleaning the baby’s exposed brain on a daily basis.

In the meantime, Felisha is desperate as she fights to save the life of her only child.

A MyCaribbeanScoop Staff contacted Felisha Melvin  (October 30, 2014) and confirmed her story. If you read this and can help, please do so by contacting Felisha at 592-660-9692