These Photos Taken By This Young Guyanese Photographer Are Simply Amazing

Sep 5, 2017
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A photo has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages –but capturing the right moment is even more difficult. But that’s what Jamain Gordon, a young photographer from Guyana was able to do in his catalog of beautiful portrait photographs.

He captures the personality of his subjects through the lens of his camera and tells a short and compelling story using handwritten notes. It is rare that a young photographer is able to interpret and share images that captures very complex topics- in a single shot.

© Jamain Gordon

This photo was recently featured in the British Journal of Photography titled “Sure shot – a Guyanese father and child, by Jamain Gordon” which was Gordon’s entry to the BJP Breakthrough Awards 2017.

The photo features Ricardo, a tattoo artist and his daughter who both live in Gordon’s home country of Guyana.

In the BJP’s article, Gordon said

“This portrait does not simply show a man who earns a living as a tattoo artist but the reason why that living is so important to him – his family. It was Ricardo who wanted to have his daughter in the photograph, and the warmth of their relationship can clearly be seen. If you look closely he has a gentle smile on his face – he was really excited to a have his photograph taken with her.”

And looking at the photo and handwritten notes, it is clear why it received this recognition.

In the preface to the book, Gordon wrote,

The people featured in this book each had a close connection with my late Grandmother and so meeting and photographing the sitters had a particular significance for me. Many of the people that I met on my trip back home have also handwritten a message to share first-hand knowledge of the people and culture of Guyana. My subjects are aged between 13 and 82 and are members of an extended family of fathers, mothers, students, sisters, and grandparents. Two of the sisters photographed in the book were unable to personally handwrite a message as they each suffer from arthritis in their hands. These are ‘real’ people and my photographs are a genuine documentation of Guyanese people which I wish to share with my newfound friends and family.

Here are some of the photos, enjoy.

For the more photos and to purchase the book, please check out Jamain Gordon’s website.

All images used in this article remains the property of Jamain Gordon

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