This 17-year-old Guyanese Teenager is Still SMILING Despite a Life of Pain

This 17-year-old Guyanese Teenager is Still SMILING Despite a Life of Pain 1

This 17 year old Guyanese young man has seen more tragedies than many of us. 10 Years ago this young man who lives in Guyana lost his right arm after he suffered severe burns to his body. Less than a year later his family’s lost their home after fire gutted their house. And just last February he suffered another lost with the death of his mother who died after a serious illness.

Despite experiencing these life changing tragedies, that hasn’t stop this young man from living his life like a “normal” teenager in Guyana. He obtained 11 Subjects ( 6 Distinctions, 3 Grade 1’s and 2 Grade 2’s) at Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).

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As I watch video of this young man, I am impressed by his positive outlook on life. There is a smile on his face which outshine the tragedies that he has experienced in just a few short years.

The odds have been greatly stacked against him in his 17 years yet this Guyanese Teenager will not stop smiling. His story is a great lesson for young people across Guyana, who might be experiencing tragedies in their life. Don’t give up !

There is a quote by Kevin Conroy that says “Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique

This 17 year old Guyanese teenager is truly a beacon of hope and inspiration.